About Elizabeth





Elizabeth Kannan’s work reflects expert use of color and texture, an eye for composition, and seamless integration of traditional and modern design elements. Her work is characterized by “connoisseurship” – the ability to distinguish between the good, the better and the best.

Formal training in the decorative arts, professional museum curatorial experience and a creative and collaborative spirit help define Elizabeth’s approach to interior design. Respectful of historical accuracy, but not limited by it, she creates elegant, richly nuanced interiors that reflect the taste and preferences of those who will inhabit them.

“My desire is to distill the many elements that go into making an interior space look beautiful and feel ‘right.’ I strive to create spaces that are harmonious with the architecture that envelops them and their natural environs, but at the same time create a sort of ‘tension’ that is visually interesting and appealing. It is the thoughtful integration of all these elements that make up the subtle difference between a pretty space and one that truly ‘sings.’”

Elizabeth holds a Master’s degree in the history of decorative arts from the Cooper-Hewitt/Parsons School of Design where she served as Associate Chair and also taught a course in the history of American furniture. Prior to that she worked in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Craft Museum in New York. She began her career as an assistant curator at the Dietrich American Foundation, the renowned collection of 18th-century American decorative arts in Philadelphia.

She lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with her husband and two children.